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We celebrate the crowning of the United World Pageant
Canadian Queens!

Styled by Elizabeth Noel Dress Boutique
Photography Aimee Pineau Photography

Magan Basque, Miss Canada United World 2023

Miss Canada United World 2023
Magan Basque

Describe Why You Would Make a Great Titleholder: I would be a great title holder because I strongly believe in inspiring other indigenous people to follow their dreams & breaking that cycle of generational trauma. 

Tell Us About Your Platform:  My platform is “Indigenous Women Living in Poverty” 47% percent of women living on reserve are living in poverty. I created an initiative called "Culture for a Cause". To help give back I've created traditional beaded earrings & donate the proceeds to the Native Women's Association of Canada. 

Ms. Canada United World 2023 
Amanda Kirkpatrick

Describe Why You Would Make a Great Titleholder: Being a positive role model will make any Good Titleholder into a Great Titleholder. I strive to be the best role model for my community, my clients, youth of today but most importantly my daughters - this is what makes me a Great Titleholder. Having a title is more than a crown, it is a chance to make a difference to others and to help in more ways that you can imagine.

Tell Us About Your Platform: My platform is Childhood Abuse Awareness and the affects of the abuse in adulthood. Being a survivor myself my platform is very close to my heart. I am a Peer Mentor for other survivors and host weekly and monthly support group meetings where we discuss their trauma and work on tools to help cope and deal with daily triggers.

Amanda Kirkpatrick, Ms. Canada United World 2023
Jenna-Marie Donnelly, Mrs. Canada United World 2023

Mrs. Canada United World 2023 
Jenna-Marie Donnelly

Describe Why You Would Make a Great Titleholder: I would make a great title holder because over the last three years of my pageant career, I have been able to build an incredible network of likeminded people who want to make a difference. I have established myself as a leader in my community who wants to drive authentic and genuine connection to help those most vulnerable in our communities. I have dedicated hours to self development, community service and fundraising, as well as coaching to ensure that I am an excellent representative of our country. I believe that who I am, and what I stand for, aligns with the mission of Canada United and the United pageant system.

Tell Us About Your Platform: I believe in the power of the collective. My platform “Community Collective”, empowers community to come together and make change in the lives of the most vulnerable. I present others with volunteering opportunities to know that regardless of a crown or sash that they too can make a difference and we can make it together. My platform has primarily focused on providing food security throughout Canada and most recently internationally reaching parts of the USA and UK! To date, I have been able to fundraise $15,000.00 for various charities through hosting events, both online and in person, 50/50 draws, BINGO, and bottle drives. I am hungry to continue using my platform to show others that they too can be a community leader and it would be an honour to be a Canada United woman.

Teen Canada United World 2023 
Sarah Dolina

Describe Why You Would Make a Great Titleholder: I am very involved in my community, and love to experience new things. I’ve already had past experience of representing my community in my past year serving as Miss Teenage Norfolk County 2022

Tell Us About Your Platform: My platform thing year surrounded body positivity and education on eating disorders, but I believe this topic was too intense for the peers surrounding me. Instead, this year, I would like to support grieving family’s, this topic is important to me because my father pass when I was 16. Specifically I want to provide resources for grieving families and hopefully providing comfort through relation for anyone closer to my age.

Sarah Dolina, Teen Canada United World 2023
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